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He was well content with that.

The Reach Of Imagination

Darwin at sixty was a famous scientist who had changed our whole understanding of nature; yet he remained content to do tidy experiments that would bear fruit somewhere, sometime in the fu TRUE. Archives Astride the Two Cultures.

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Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. These posthumously collected essays are a fitting tribute to a man who is described in a brief introduction Essays in Natural Philosophy.

JACOB BRONOWSKI - The Ascent of Man

Three levels of metaphor are discussed: universal metaphor, which all humans share; the metaphorical world of a particular artist; and the metaphor as used in a specific work of art. Bronowski gives powerful examples from the poetry of William Blake, Dylan Thomas, and others, to illustrate the potential of the metaphor to shape our thoughts.

Many of the points that the author makes are repeated several times over throughout the book. This is to be expected in such a collection of essays.

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This repetition, in fact, serves to unify a broad spectrum of thinking. Given the author's background, the literary emphasis is understandable, yet I feel that more discussion of the visual arts would have struck a better balance.

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When Bronowski does address the visual arts, he discusses the literary content and has little to say about the visual content in the work. I admire Bronowski's unification of science and art under the common umbrella of human imagination, but his rejection of the mystical element leaves me a bit cold. Surely there are motivations within the human soul that lie deeper than the austere crust of reason.

Bronowski's own literary style is scholarly and commanding. I would recommend this book to readers who are comfortable with art and literature, especially poetry, and who have at least a cursory interest in the scientific. The reader should also be forewarned to carry his or her freshly sharpened intellectual machete to hack through the thickets of Bronowski's prosaic jungle.

But once deep into these woods, we discover Blake's "tyger" and Thomas' "green fuse [which] drives the flower," and many other compelling examples of the pinnacles of human imagination.

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Gregory Eanes March 31, back. In Bronowski's essay, the author establishes his claim by making a solid position on the importance of imagination through his definition of the term.

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Bronowski declares that no other creature has the ability to accomplish the same things as can humans, using their minds, and through imagination humans are gifted with different abilities - varying from creative to technical skills. Bronowski asserts: " To imagine is the characteristic act, not In WriteWork. WriteWork contributors.