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For example, the factory scene shows the same monotony. Popular Film Cultures Have Propelled Civil and Social Rights Culture is referred as shared interaction, patterns, cognitive constructs, behaviors as well as effective understanding learned through socialization and transferred from one generation to the other. In the United States and outside the United States, films have become a powerful tool to transmit cultures.

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In , there were more than 6. From this came our insistence on the drama of the doorstep" cited by Hardy Grierson also notes that the early documentary filmmakers were concerned about the way the world was going and wanted to use all the tools at hand to push the public towards greater civic participation. With the success of Drifters, Grierson was able to further his ideas, but rather than directing other films, he devoted his time. Waiting for Superman Sociology Film: Waiting for Superman This is a disturbing film about the education system and the resistance to change. They overlap.

Because, genetically, DNA analyses show, all humans are more alike than they are different. Scientists agree that biological races do not exist among humans. Elliott taught third graders at a school in Riceville, Iowa, a small town in rural northern Iowa.

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All of the children were white. Would you like to find out? Elliot separated the blue-eyed children from the children with brown and green eyes.

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She had the blue-eyed children put on green construction paper armbands. She wrote the word on the board. A boy piped up to explain that if she had had brown eyes, she would be the principal or superintendent. Elliott sent the brown-eyed children to lunch first and gave them a longer recess. The brown-eyed children could drink from the water fountain, but the blue-eyed children had to use paper cups. The children with brown eyes were suddenly more confident — and condescending. They hurled nasty insults at the blue-eyed kids.

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What Elliott said she learned from the exercise was that people are not born prejudiced but learn the behavior. And if it can be learned, she said, it can be unlearned. The other teachers, save a few, snubbed her. Her children were bullied at school, her oldest son beaten up. She received death threats.

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Students use the historical case study of the Bristol Bus Boycott to examine strategies for bringing about change in our communities. Students analyse a spoken word poem about bullying and consider how they might use their voices to call attention to injustice in their schools or communities. Students have an opportunity to explore one issue in-depth and to create an action plan that inspires change in their schools or communities. Understanding Identity 3. Transcending Single Stories 4. Why Little Things Are Big 5. The Challenge of Confirmation Bias 6.

The Costs and Benefits of Belonging 7. Responding to Difference 8. When Differences Matter 9. Blending In and Standing Out Defining Our Obligations to Others Defining Human Rights Making Rights Universal Standing Up to Hatred on Cable Street Public Art as a Form of Participation Protesting Discrimination in Bristol Speaking Up and Speaking Out. Add or Edit Playlist. Essential Questions How do our beliefs about difference influence the ways in which we see and choose to interact with each other?

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What happens when one aspect of our identities is used to sort us into groups? Before teaching this lesson, briefly review the class contract with your students to help reinforce the norms you have established and to remind students that the classroom is a safe space for them to voice concerns, questions, or emotions that may arise. Allowing Time and Space for Reflection Depending on their relationship to power and privilege, racism and prejudice, your students may have different reactions to A Class Divided. For this reason, you may need to build in additional time for students to process and reflect in their journals.

When Differences Matter PowerPoint. This PowerPoint for Lesson 7 of the Standing Up for Democracy unit is ready to use in the classroom with student-facing slides and complete teaching notes.

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  8. Free powerpoint - Requires login. Reflect on Privilege and Social Power After setting the tone for the lesson by reviewing your classroom contract, remind students that in the last lesson they examined the human tendency to divide ourselves into groups and explored how our desire to belong can affect our decision-making process and how we treat others.

    Discuss A Class Divided in Groups Next, merge pairs to create groups of four and ask them to discuss the following questions. Who in the film determined which differences matter?