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It is a custom that junior ranking personnel show their respect to the rank of superiors by assuming the position of parade rest or attention, but it is through courtesy that true military professionals earn respect from their subordinates.

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Courtesy is a driving force of most human relations. The Army is no different and if leaders expect to be shown respect and courtesy, they must extend the same respects and courtesies to their subordinates. When leaders show arrogance, rudeness, vulgarity, tardiness, lying, and general misconduct or laziness, it shows their Soldiers that they are not respectable. Leadership means demonstrating through actions what you want your Soldiers to emulate and copy. Too often NCOs and Officers alike feel that once they get to a certain career level, or rank, they are immune to the punishments of UCMJ and some fail to adhere to the same standards that they expect from their Soldiers.

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  • I have seen this in my own military career, and in specific, this unit. There are too many double standards, too little focus on the team, and too much focus on yourself.

    Essay Military Customs Courtesies

    It is respect which creates devotion to the team, and the important part is that that respect flows both up and down the chain of command. A leader respects the skills, strengths, and sacrifices of the people who work for him, and by giving that respect, in time and with effort, his troops come to respect him as well. That respect grows into devotion: the devotion of the leader to his troops, to do his best to see them through tough times and bring them home to their families, and the devotion of the troops to accomplishing the tasks of their unit under the vision of their leadership.

    Disrespect, however, has exactly the opposite effect. If a leader disrespects his troops, he fails to earn their respect and therefore fails to create devotion to the team. His attitude will be noticed and will become detrimental to morale, which in turn will hurt the combat effectiveness of each troop as well as the whole. Because he cannot respect his troops, he will also fail to recognize their true strengths and employ his forces to the best of their respective abilities. Military courtesy is simply an application of common, everyday courtesy and common sense.

    The form of salutation and greeting for the civilian consists of raising the hat. The form of salutation and greeting for the military man consists of rendering the military salute. In all armies of the world, all officers and Soldiers are required to salute each other whenever they meet or pass, the subordinate saluting first. The salute on the part of the subordinate is not intended in any way as an act of degradation or a mark of inferiority, but is simply a military courtesy that is as binding on the officer as it is on the private, and just as the enlisted man is required to salute the officer first, so is the officer required to salute his superiors first.

    When military members approach one another, the subordinate salutes first as respect to the person of a higher rank. The superior then returns the salute, acknowledging the subordinate's salute. The subordinate should also initiate a salute at the end of a conversation with someone who outranks them, and this salute should be returned by the superior before the two part ways. A sloppy salute shows a lack of respect.

    To perform a salute as a member of the military, raise your right hand so that the tip of the forefinger touches the forehead above the right eye. Your fingers and thumb should be straight, with your upper arm parallel to the ground and your forearm raised at an angle.

    Military Customs and Courtesies

    The salute is finished by quickly dropping your arm to your side in a single motion. While saluting, you should face and make eye contact with the person you're saluting. When saluting, it is customary for the junior member to wish his superior Officer a good morning, afternoon or evening, referring to the higher ranking member as sir or ma'am. If the person is your unit's commanding officer, you may address this officer by rank if it is acceptable.

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    Many officers come in to the Army for various reasons, but all are placed in positions of higher authority than NCOs and below, because they tend to be higher educated and more capable of making decisions that can affect the overall quality of life, if not life itself. In our unit in basic training, although some may not see it, the Officers help to dictate the safety measures that keep our trainees safe in the training environment.

    Noncommissioned officers begin their military careers at the lower enlisted levels and work their way up into advanced positions of authority. I personally feel that the modern Army's way of promoting individuals is biased and unfair. This is garbage because these junior NCOs move to other units and don't fully know how to do their own job, but are expected to lead subordinate ranked Soldiers who may be far more job proficient, intelligent and well rounded.

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    This will continue to pose a problem in the future of the modern Army, and this is one of the main reasons I will be glad to cut all ties to the Army when my contract expires. Bad leadership forces good Soldiers out of the Army. Importance of Military Bearing Military bearing is the root in which every soldier practices in order to carry out good discipline and ethics throughout ones military career. Army regulations and soldiers on our own creed illustrate how a military service member should conduct themselves on a daily basis, on and off duty.

    Loyalty, duty, respect, commitment, honor, punctuality, reliable, integrity, and personal courage are Army core values.

    Courage is the ability to stand up for ones beliefs and…. The average civilian or recruit coming into the Army often misunderstands the meaning of the words military discipline. He thinks of them as being connected with punishments or reprimands which may result from the violation of some military law or regulation. Actually, discipline should not be something new to you for you have been disciplined all of your life.

    You were being disciplined at home and in school when you were taught obedience to your parents and teachers, and respect for the rights….

    Military Customs

    Laws norm creates control of the behavior but carries punishment of creating legal norm once violated. With the military, law norm is a given since obedience applies to all military services within the United States. Keywords: norms, mores, and laws Observation at Fort Campbell Commissary Understanding Behavior Patterns The norm that will be broken is by singing Christmas songs in isles….

    That is why the United States should require all male residents between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four to serve at least two years in the military. A short-term sting of military service would have a long-term positive impact on our society such as a higher skilled workforce and an instilled sense of patriotism to our country. The first benefit that the United States would realize by enacting mandatory military services would be a higher…. Throughout my career in the military, I quickly learned the Army has three official types of leaders within its ranks; however all function differently in their roles, responsibilities, and authorities.

    The first and most important and influential leader a soldier encounters after entering the military is the Noncommissioned Officer. The Noncommissioned Officer has the most influence on soldiers even though they…. These principles represents what the organization strongly believes in and governs the most basic customs and courtesies that all its members should abide by, otherwise legal repercussion and punishment is enforced that could ultimately result in separation from the organization.

    According to Field Manual …. I am here! As a Military Science Instructor, I am here to motivate, to engage, to teach, and help the cadets along the way.


    I will introduce the cadets to leadership skills, drill and ceremonies, inspections, customs and courtesies, and Army traditions. These helps the cadet succeed in the future. I train, coach, and mentor my cadets in what we call the 21st Century Soldiers Competencies. Ever since the early 80's; MTV has experienced a very steady and dominant rise to the top spot of global video music entertainment. With this seriously meteoric blast of close to 30 years, MTV is now experiencing growing pains.

    These growth pains are due to the fact that in order for MTV to be effective in foreign markets, it must be sensitive. As mentioned previously, Simon Bolivar led the fight for independence and eventually defeated the Spanish. It was at this time that the militiamen who fought the Spanish formed themselves into an Army. This Army however. Nothing was done without permission, not even using the restroom.

    They told us when to go to bed and when to get up. The time to get up was approximately "zero dark thirty" which is military jargon for "too damn early.

    After a few weeks went by, the yelling became normal to us. The marching, exercise, and military customs and courtesies became a part of our. Overall, the use of low-lights and high key-lighting clearly distinguished the happier moments and the serious scenes shot for the film. It kept the viewer engaged with each frame.