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Her goal, from that day onwards, was not just to become adept at walking with a prosthetic leg but scale the highest point in the world--Mount Everest. It was a feat--which many would consider impossible--that not only brought back her self confidence but made her an inspiration for everyone back home. Even before the horrible accident which left her an amputee, Sinha was a force to reckon with. Also read: Forced into prostitution at 10, this woman is the warrior you probably haven't heard about.

As a national level volleyball player, she already was in possession of an indomitable spirit. When a few robbers pushed her out of a moving train in , resulting in her getting seriously injured, she decided that she would not cower down but fight back. I decided then and there that I would do something to prove myself.

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And mountaineering was the only option. It was the only option where there were no chances of saying sorry. If you committed a mistake, life would be the one saying sorry to you," she says.

For the next two years, she trained continuously in mountain by Srijani Ganguly ous regions. There was "no Sunday, no Diwali and no Holi" for her. Nothing could waver her from her goal. Her first feat on the way to the summit was wrought with injury.

She was so happy to have reached the base camp that she lost her balance and fell to the ground, injuring herself in the process. Mistakes, in fact, came and went on her way to the top. There were many points in the trek where there were no ladders to support her to the other side of the wide gap. She was forced to, on such instances, jump across gaps which if she missed, would have ended her life.

We speak several languages, we worship many gods and yet we have the same spirit, the spirit of India, which crosses all parts of our country and binds us all together.

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We have a great unity in diversity. Basically, Indian culture is tolerant and absorbing. His nature is assimilative.

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The democratic installation facilitates the process. Diversity in all aspects of society serves as a source of strength and wealth. The different ways of worshiping and believing represent the underlying uniformity. They promote a spirit of harmony and fraternity.

This goes beyond all considerations of religious, regional, linguistic diversity.

Geographical location and boundaries of India

India is rich in dialects and languages. Twenty-two languages constitutionally enjoy official language status, but Hindi is recognized as the lingua franca of the nation. Although different regions have different regional affiliations, they are all Indian. Indian dance and theatre are brilliant examples of unity in diversity. The country is full of tribal dances, folk dances, and classical dances of great virtuosity.

They are considered as the mode of aesthetic expression but they all symbolize India.

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The expression is different but the theme is the same. We are proud of our cultural distinctiveness. We are proud to be the inhabitants of India. It is our responsibility to maintain its unique characteristic. We should think beyond petty interests and work for the broader goals of prosperity and progress in society. Register now. Class 12th. Class 11th.

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