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The stepsisters did not recognize her. A moment before midnight Cinderella said goodbye to everyone and disappeared. At home she said her thanks to the fairy godmother and said that she would go to the dance tomorrow because the prince invited her. Later on the stepsisters returned and told the story about the beautiful girl they saw at the ball. The other day Cinderella asked one of her stepsisters to borrow her yellow dress for the dance and she was disgusted by that idea. The godmother stepped in one more time and Cinderella was having such a wonderful time at the ball that she had forgotten about the time.

The midnight clock tick made her run but her shoe fell off and the prince found it.

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A search started but nobody knew where the beautiful girl went. The guards said that they have seen a peasant woman running but not a beautiful girl in a dress. The prince announced that he will marry the girl who is the owner of the shoe. Then Cinderella asked if she could try it what made the stepsisters laugh. The nobleman in charge of the shoe said that it was ordered by the prince that every girl needs to try on the shoe. It was a perfect fit for Cinderella. The stepsisters were even more shocked when Cinderella pulled the other shoe out of her pocket.

After that the godmother arrived and made Cinderellas dress even more beautiful than at the ball. The stepsisters realized how mean they were and asked Cinderella for her forgiveness. She forgave everything and when she married the prince she settled her stepsisters in the castle and helped them get married for the gentlemans that lived there. Cinderella is a modest and good girl. She lost her mother early, and her father married another woman. Unfortunately, it was a real example of the evil stepmother. Despite her position, chores and the place where she was forced to reside, she was still the most beautiful among the daughters.

Fortunately, she had a fairy godmother, which also helped. She won the prince with her beauty, but remained modest and humble. When they prayed for forgiveness, she was gracious and forgave them all. That way she could enjoy a life with her prince and live happily ever after.

Stepmother is an evil woman. Before the wedding, she pretended to be good, in order to win a wealthy husband and to take care of herself and daughter. She acted arrogantly toward everyone, especially toward Cinderella. She turned her into a maid. She was terribly jealous of her beauty and youth, so she gave her difficult tasks and forcing her to sleep in the ashes.

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Her daughters were also victims of their mother. After Cinderella became queen, she could not bear her luck again. Charles Perrault His father was very strict and imposed a particular kind of education upon him, so he decided to study law. A list of traits is included to make this a little easier! Genre, Number of pages.

The Tale Of Fairy Tales

Caution teachers: Start helping your kids find the moral of stories and verbalizing the plot with books you read aloud to them to make this easier! The lapbook itself functions as a graphic organizer for the children to help them write their report, and does double duty as a great way to collect and display the information that they have found!

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On the fourth day of instruction, have the children transfer the information they found over to the lapbooks. I emphasized that they were to write in complete sentences, but a few of them managed to finish without doing so. The advantage of having them write in complete sentences is that when they are ready to write their report, they should only have to transfer those sentences over to their writing paper! But getting some of the slower workers to persevere and finish it was the trick. Not all of the children finished with this task on the second day.

If you are working in small groups, you may want to let the children cut out each piece once the writing is done on each one. I handed my kids the scissors after they wrote on each piece, and then they put each piece into a large zip bag with their name on it. I also had them put their names on the backs of each piece.

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  7. Recommended: If it bothers you that some children are ahead of the others, do not begin having them go on to the next step until everyone has caught up on this part. Assuming that they already cut out the pieces as they were writing, then they will just need to glue them in down in the correct positions. Depending on the skills of your class, you may wish to have them do this in small groups.

    Pulling your neediest children into a small group with you, and then letting the rest of the class work at their desks should also help. One teacher at my school decided to forgo the window covers and only have her class glue down the parts underneath. I taped down the drawbridge and castle spires for the children myself. Once all of the information is on the graphic organizers, then all they have to do is write it into a report in complete sentences! And, if the pieces are all glued down in the order shown, everything should be in the correct order for the children to simply copy it down into a nice coherent book report.

    However, I also provided an outline for them to follow which told them which information came when. The top half of my class was able to do this easily with no problem at all. The bottom half did better sitting with me at a table in a small group, so that I could answer questions as they came up. Other than that, they were okay to just keep writing along!


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    When the report itself is written, the children can begin coloring in the lapbook pieces! I let them use markers if they like, and that is always fun. There are two different types of castle doors that the children can make for their report cover. One is a metal door with bars, and the other is a big wooden door. Both of them have a space for the title. My kids especially enjoyed coloring the door on the front, making a picture of their characters behind the bars, etc.

    Be careful when you glue down the doors! It is tempting to put glue all over the door and lay it down on the closed folder. I had the children bring their folder to me, and I put glue on ONE side. Then together we glued down the other piece of the door. Note: You may wish to do a lesson in guided drawing to help the children do a little better on the covers! Using whatever kind of technology you have, have the children type the title of their reports and their names. Then they will need to print it out.

    Naturally, if you would rather have them simply write it by hand, you can do this too!