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Under a Creative Commons license. Keywords environmental design. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. The construction industry is guilty of many practices because its activities have adversely affected the environment negatively. Despite all these glaring challenges green building developments and sustainable practices are embraced very slowly and practiced at slow pace in the Nigeria's construction industry.

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This is worrisome and is due to some factors hindering such pace. The aim of this paper is to identify, examine and assess the factors that are hindering green building developments based on the project professionals' perceptions. Reviewed literatures were used to identify the various factors that hindered the adoption of green measures and practices within the Nigeria's built environment.

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A questionnaire survey was conducted within the industry. The results showed the major factors hindering green building developments and practices in the Nigeria's built environment.

The Use of Green Building Materials in The Construction Industry In Malaysia

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    The objectives of this thesis are to identify the strategies to reduce the construction and operation costs for building sustainably and convince the industry to rethink construction budgeting and financing. In order to provide quantification of cost, a comprehensive analysis will be done on the cost of construction and operation of green buildings. Key Questions: The proposed thesis will address the following major questions: " What kind of measurements are appropriate for the green building industry to capture the costs of sustainability?

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