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Distribution Media Contents The distribution media contains the following: Demonstration files One SQL script file that creates the demonstration tables in the Informix database One SQL script file that drops the demonstration tables from the Informix database. The directory contains the following demonstration files: Demonstration Files Demonstration Files bldifmx. Case 1: Simple Queries Case 1 demonstrates the following: A simple query. A simple query retrieving full date information. Case 5: Data Dictionary Query Case 5 demonstrates data dictionary mapping.

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Case 6: The Pass-Through Feature Case 6 demonstrates the gateway pass-through feature which allows an application to send commands or statements to Informix. The purpose of the performance and load test was to validate FlexPod as a premiere platform for the most demanding applications. SSM also needed to fix several data consistency issues they were experiencing that were impacting the quality of output. SSM reached out to Scalability Experts to design and implement a higher performing and more scalable data warehouse environment.

When CHFS needed to reduce their licensing and operational costs, improve performance and scalability and enhance the manageability of their database operations they turned to Scalability Experts SE for advice and a solution. When Match. This company is a full-service professional mortgage banker licensed to provide residential mortgages across the nation. They are an emerging leader in the mortgage industry and a preferred lender for consumers and mortgage professionals across the country.

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They operate through three loan production channels: retail, wholesale and correspondent. The County of San Diego values a secure, reliable IT infrastructure that helps employees provide efficient services to residents.

However, it faced security risks with several business applications running on an unsupported Oracle 8i database. Instead of upgrading to the latest version of Oracle, the county migrated the applications to Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, saving money, improving reliability, and ensuring optimal employee productivity. The Company is the largest theatrical exhibition company in the world in terms of revenues and one of the largest motion picture exhibitors in the United States in terms of the number of theater screens operated.

The Company runs more than theaters with 2, screens in 23 states. As an industry leader in the development and operation of multi-screen cinemas, the company was experiencing double digit growth each year. They lack interoperability, full citizenship in the cloud, and DevOps friendliness.

MemSQL supports ANSI SQL; is optimized for both structured and semi-structured data; and offers very high performance, especially through the ability to scale out a single database across multiple machines. MemSQL was built with a modern architecture to run well on both on-premises hardware and cloud infrastructure.

A Case Study on How to use Joins, Subqueries, and Unions

Most importantly, MemSQL offers breakthrough levels of performance at a lower price than competitors, giving MemSQL a very strong story in price-performance as well. One representative customer achieved 10x the performance of Oracle at one-third the cost. In the webinar, the hosts dive deep into a comparison between MemSQL, with its high performance and modern architecture, and Oracle, with limited performance due to its legacy architecture.

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The hosts also introduce case studies with both named customers, such as Akamai and Verizon, and anonymized customers in energy and healthcare. These customers implement solutions in areas such as real-time financial reporting — in one case, with ultra wealthy clients who expect near-zero latency at all time — and operational analytics. You can easily access the webinar recording and slides to learn more about MemSQL.

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We also offer a free trial of MemSQL for 30 days. Download the free trial today. Product Overview.