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This list must also be formatted in a specific way. Book with One Author.

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Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.

SPC 1017 (Colburn): Informative Speech: Citing Sources (MLA)

Medium of Publication for example, Print. Book with More than One Author. Lastname, Firstname, and Firstname Lastname. Medium of Publication.

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  • Book with No Author. Two or More Books by the Same Author. When you list more than one book by the same author on your works cited page, replace the author's name in the second, third, etc. First citation : Lastname, Firstname. Second citation : Article in a Magazine. Year: pages.

    How do I cite a speech? - SNHU Library Frequently Asked Questions

    Article in a Newspaper. If the newspaper is lesser known, include the city and state in brackets following the title. Article from an Online Database. Issue Year : pages. As another alternative, you can look for a book that uses excerpts of the speech or look for the sources the speaker used to support the material in the speech, which you can use instead of the speech itself. If you find your transcript, you can cite the speech appropriately using the format of an edited book , article , or website.

    For example: Lamar, Amy. Influential speeches on robotics.

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    You should always put the last name first and in alphabetical order. Place a period after the name. If you found the speech on YouTube, you should start your citation entry with the name of the posting account. Include the year and month of the speech was uploaded in parentheses. Separate the year and month with a comma. In some cases, this might be the same date the speech was delivered. Put a period after the date. Here's an example: Jackson, Malik. Write the title of the speech in italics. The transcript or video that you are citing should provide the title of the speech.

    Put a period after the title. In this case, you should put your period after [Video file]. For example, your citation might look like this so far: Jackson, Malik.

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    Repairing Surgical Machines [Video File]. Put the website where you retrieved the speech followed by a period. Otherwise, you can type it into your References page. Retrieved from www. Method 3. Write the last name of the speaker followed by their first name. Put a period after the name. You can use the name of the speaker first, no matter what your source type is.

    However, the rest of your citation can vary, depending on the source where you found the speech. If you found the transcript in a book, the rest of the citation should be formatted like an edited book. Give the name of the speech with quotation marks around it. The name of the speech should be included on the event program, transcript or video title. Put a period after it. You should follow it with a comma.

    How to do oral citations in speeches

    This lets the reader know that this source is a speech. Provide the city and state where the speech was delivered. Write out the city, but abbreviate the state. Separate them with a comma, then put another comma after the state. Give the date of the speech, including the month, day and year.

    Q. How do I cite a speech?

    This information should be provided in the event program or on the speech transcript. Finish the entry with a period. Author, AA c. Author, AA n. Author, AA ? UC Referencing Guide. Speech General guidelines The preferred method for citing a speech is to find a transcript or recording of the speech and cite this in your document using the rules for citing books, articles or recordings. Citing a Source Within a Source When citing a source you haven't read yourself, but which is referred to in a source you have read. In-text reference Lilly as cited in Maxwell , p. Format Title of work Year of publication, Publisher, Location.