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Today, the future of business is social media. Social media encompasses all of the platforms that allow people across the world to interact socially through the internet. Although they initially kicked off as interactive platforms, the trend at the moment signals a shift to marketing. They have proved beneficial to entrepreneurs and sales companies and could prove to be the next big thing in the marketing industry. In this essay, we are going to assess the importance of social media in marketing. Social media has more than enough clientele for most products.

Because there are millions and millions of users on social media, it is very easy for a marketer to reach their target group in social media than any other channel.

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Previously, people have been using commercials on television and radio stations. The positive side of using social media in advertising and marketing is that there is an enhanced salesperson- customer interaction. The customer can make inquiries about a product on social media and get real-time immediate responses. Notably, even the radio and television stations have resorted to market themselves and interact with their clients on social media.

Social media also offers a lot when it comes to fiscal considerations. Unlike on radio and television networks and newspapers where one had to pay for airtime and space in the print media, social media platforms are very cheap. All one need to have is an account and internet connection.

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Content restriction is also very possible in social media. Unlike in the previously used marketing methods where all the content is let out for public consumption, social media has the option of pointing the content to the appropriate target group. For instance, marketing via WhatsApp could be very beneficial in this.

Thesis Statement on Social Media

If one is marketing hair products for ladies, they can post them in WhatsApp groups for ladies only. However, there is a natural law that the more things change, the more they remain the same. It is possible that the content restriction is social media could be cause for misuse and malpractice in the same platform. The biggest catch on the advancement of the use of social media remains the overuse of social media by minors. It has been difficult to restrict some of these media platforms to the right age limit.

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Many social ills have been on the trend on social media, and this negatively affects the minors. Although there are instances whereby social media can be misused and bring about social ills, a look in the bigger picture reveals its positive side. If we all pay attention to entrepreneurship skills, our instincts will tell us that social media is the way to go.

The future of marketing is indeed in social media. An argumentative essay on social media could be a fascinating topic. For a fact, social media is currently taking a toll in the world.

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So scholars and essay writers have to acquaint themselves with the skills of writing social media argumentative essays. The one thing that makes prolific writers thrive is keeping an open mind at all costs.

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